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Give Me a Nugel: Thoughts for Rosh Hashana, 5777

The evening is perfect. Hundreds of family and friends gather before a beautiful chupah, wedding canopy, completely covered with white flowers. The sky is lit up by the twinkling of millions of stars all watching the union about to take place. The bride and groom are ebullient with energy for the hope and excitement that comes with new beginnings and feelings of love. The ceremony is about to begin and all eyes are on the rabbi. Tonight is extra special for the rabbi because his daughter is the bride under the chupah.

And in a loud clear voice he announces, “Give me a nugel!” (Yiddish for nail). (more…)

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Thank you!

Thank you for an incredibly warm welcome to Shaarei Tikvah! While I can’t thank everyone who has played a role in offering us such a warm welcome, I want to express our tremendous gratitude for the open arms with which you have greeted our family. We are thrilled to call Shaarei Tikvah our new spiritual… Read more

Countering Fear and Violence by Coming Together

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Parashat Ki Tavo

The people are to take the new land’s first fruits to God’s holy place. There they shall recount to the priest their history – from Abraham to Egypt to that very day. “You have affirmed this day that Adonai is your God,” concludes Moses. In turn, Adonai will take Israel as a treasure, a holy people. After crossing the Jordan, Israel is to inscribe the Torah on stone pillars and conduct rites to affirm the covenant with God.

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