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B'nei Mitzvah 

The B’nei Mitzvah marks the entry of the child as a full-fledged participatory member of our Jewish community, held in full public view in the synagogue - our communal home - integrated into our regular Shabbat services.The term “B’nei Mitzvah” literally means “son (Bar)/daughter (Bat) of the commandments” used here in plural form (B’nei) to encompass all children without regard to gender. It is not a performance by the young adult, but an occasion of celebration for the young person and their family and for the entire Shaarei Tikvah community. Becoming a B’nei Mitzvah is considered to be a simcha (a happy occasion) and is followed by a celebratory meal, called a seudat mitzvah (literally “a commanded meal”). In the case of the B’nei Mitzvah, the seudat mitzvah is the Kiddush luncheon following services shared with the entire Shaarei Tikvah community. It is our hope and intention that all of you and your entire family will find their B’nei Mitzvah experience at Shaarei Tikvah to be a rich and rewarding one! 

The foundation for a child’s B’nei Mitzvah is a well-rounded Jewish education, either at Shaarei Tikvah’s Anna and Louis Shereff Religious School, a Jewish Day School, or another specifically approved program. For those students attending our Anna and Louis Shereff Religious School, we anticipate that each child should have developed the ability to read Hebrew (especially prayer book Hebrew), and gained a basic knowledge of Torah, prayer, Jewish holidays, history and values, and Israel. Special arrangements will be made for children who are not in the Anna and Louis Shereff Religious School. Regardless of where a child has received their Jewish education, we will assess each child’s strengths and unique gifts to assure a meaningful experience.


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